We are pleased to announce that David Dumoulin has joined our team at Ernest Partners!

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As of today, David Dumoulin has joined the Ernest team as Associate Partner. David is an highly experienced leasing ambassador with a wide network in Flanders. He is skilled in setting up smart real estate lease solutions, sale & lease backs and restructuring existing real estate lease agreements. He carries the conviction that leasing is in many cases a better solution than a classic loan. In addition, David understands how investment-intensive equipment can best be financed through leasing.

Through his 14 years of experience at ING Lease and as co-founder of a real estate leasing company two years ago, David knows the leasing world like the palm of his hand. As a result, he can provide strong added value to entrepreneurs looking for flexibility and optimal financing.

By embedding leasing solutions and the leasing network in our offering, Ernest Partners is further improving its financing ecosystem for its customers. 

We are a trust bridge between your company and your stakeholders

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Author : Luca Brutout

Author : Luca Brutout

We are a trust bridge between your company and your stakeholders

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