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Your most valuable assets are an important source to maximize your financing through a (finance) lease. But it can be complex. Will you get the best leasing solution? A real estate lease must be customized on a tax, legal, accounting and business-economic level, and must be long term resistant by incorporating flexibility in the contract. How can you be sure of all of this? Or imagine this cross border situation: an investment good will be delivered in France, by a Swiss supplier and you need to have an equipment lease on your Belgian company. Let’s be clear: this is not settled in 1 2 3.

First of all you need to find the funding 

With a finance lease you can usually finance more than a loan because of a longer pay back period or a higher (re)purchase option at the end of the lease contract. But who to turn to for such a lease? For a real estate (finance) lease, there are only 4 players in Belgium, affiliated with the major banks. They are also the ones to turn to for structured equipment leases. In addition, there are international players who are only interested in higher equipment lease volumes (>20 MM).  Also, certain suppliers will offer leasing themselves. They all have a slightly different appetite and way of working.

Secondly, are you sure you got the best solution?

You’ll probably receive a quote or two. But then you can ask yourself the question: can’t it be done with less own funds? Is this the optimal leasing  structure? Can I optimize fiscally? Is the contract flexible enough for my business?

How can Ernest Partners help? 

Do you need to finance new equipment or real estate? Do you want to refinance company real estate with a solid lease contract? And not unimportant, do you want it to be set up a little faster, with a field-experienced specialist? Ernest Partners will gladly help you analyze your situation and work with you for the most tailor-made lease solution and precise implementation. If necessary, Ernest Partners will find additional financing to make your business dream come true. Get the specialists in for funding your investments in equipment or real estate and have solid guidance for your leasing investments, while you keep on focusing  on your business. Give us a call!

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Author : David Dumoulin

Author : David Dumoulin

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