👏 Ernest Partners is very happy to announce the successful completion of a strategic funding for the development of BioScientific Group. 

📍 BioScientific Group, through its company Barré SA is a renowned specialist in Clean Piping, Air Processing & HVAC and manufacturing of special pieces, equipment and machines made of stainless steel. Over the years it became a reference in the sectors of biopharma, biotech, life sciences and high purity industries in general by providing high-technology equipment.

The Team is proud to have contributed to the development of the group.

📋 Since Javier Martinez’s acquisition of Barré, the company has grown significantly along with its reputation and key financial indicators. Supporting the strategic ambition to become leader in its sector, management grasped the opportunity to incorporate R-concept into BioScientific Group. R-Concept, former competitor and now sister company of Barré S.A., is very complementary to the business and structure of the group.  

🔹 Ernest Partners acted as sole financial advisor for a dual mission consisting in funding both the reorganization and development of the group through the buy-out of former partners and the acquisition of R-Concept.  

🔹 Ernest Partners developed a dynamic financial model, including several sensitivities with an ambitious but highly substantiated forecast for the next 5 to 10 years.  

With this model and a fully-fledged Information Memorandum prepared for the group, endorsing the company vision and ambition, Ernest’s team led the discussions with the financiers (banks, investors or public institutions).  

🤝 We want to thank everyone who was involved, especially as we really enjoyed working on this endeavor, notably considering Javier Martinez’s great spirit and energy. Many thanks also to Julien Malburny, Pierre Machiels, Belfius and Wallonie Entreprendre for their support on this project. 

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