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Ernest Partners supports your company improving customer centricity in commercial organisations and strategic account management practice. Our experience is based on a unique combination of commercial leadership and change management experience, complemented with deep knowledge of strategic account management, sales optimisation, as well as data and innovation.

Working with your commercial teams to understand current practices. Build relationships by starting your plans from client strategy and needs.  With you we design and embed the new practices, making your organisations client centric

Introduce or improve (Strategic or Key) Account Management practice in your teams across different locations and countries.  Helping your customers buy, instead of selling to them. Create a team cooperation dynamic

Identify your key clients globally. Segment them and design a different approach for each category which fits their needs

Linking people to Customer Relationship Management systems, internal and external data and innovation.  Today’s commercial organisation impact will grow when fed with  relevant client, leads and ecosystem information


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How to become client centric ?
  • Client Centricity is not a sales management technique. It’s a company culture.
  • Creating a Client Centric culture is a long term change which needs to be embraced by all levels of the organization.
  • Installing Client Centricity is a companywide change. All departments and services will need to add Client Centricity as  a core performance indicator.

Our professionals advise you on embedding a Client Centric Culture enabling you to put the clients’ interest at the heart of your company. Many companies are product or process oriented and focusing on optimizing production process. Client Centric organizations focus on the need of the client and optimize the way they serve their client. Production or process optimization supports serving the client.

Improving your Customer Experience ?

Some thoughts:

  • Invest in knowledge of your clients. Who is your client and why is he/she purchasing your product or service?
  • If you’re having a manual sales process, would a digital Customer Journey ease the clients purchasing process?
  • Constantly be in contact with your clients, ask them about their experience on doing business with you and others, and dare to change ahead of times.

We work closely with our clients to improve Customer Experience. This by developing a sales and service process in which the customer is served in an optimal way. Since we started developing digital service models, customer experience has become an art of its own. Customer Experience is all about creating a unique experience and as much as possible easing the mandatory steps in a sale.

Setting up a Key account management team ?
  • Do you have recurring clients, or only one-off sales?
  • If you’re building your business on Strategic Clients, implementing account management should be unlocking more value out of these
  • An account management department is there to improve Customer Experience… Make sure it does not become a burden.

 We can help you to build a Key Account management strategy. Key Account Management is a sales and service strategy  servicing your key clients. The account management department  key role is to ensure that the whole organization is servicing the Key client in the most efficient way. Installing dedicated account management is a great way to develop relation with Strategic Clients  in complex organizations and companies selling  many products.

How to review the Customer Journey?
  • Customer Journey could be described as the process description of the Customer Experience, talk to your clients
  • Less is more in Customer Journeys… How many clicks do you need to buy a Tesla?

We help our clients to define and analyse  “the road your client travels” when buying a product or a service, often referred to as the Customer Journey. A Customer Journey starts at the purpose of a company and its marketing message and ends at unboxing the product and performing after service.

What is a strategic client?

Strategic clients (or Key Clients) are clients that are key to your organization in terms of volume, production, innovation, standing …

How to define a strategic client and how to ensure that you serve this strategic client best?

  • Define and set criteria on what is a Strategic Client for your company
  • What structure fits your organization to service your Strategic Client?
  • Make a short plan for developing relationship and sales with Strategic Clients
  • Are you a Strategic Supplier for your client?
How to set up a Relationship management team ?

Relationship management will ensure that your client is services best at all levels and that the different levels within the clients organization keep aligned on the products and services offered to them. Complex organization which offer multiple products or services to its clients and having multiple level interaction (operations, project management, board level) with their clients can integrate relationship management aspects in their sales organization.

How can my organization benefit from a Relationship Management department?

  • Installing relationship management should make available to your client all the value you have to offer.
  • Use Relationship Management for your Strategic Clients, and also use it to develop new Strategic Clients.
  • Digital and Relationship management go very well together!
Why do I need a CRM?

You need a CRM to ensure that the whole organization knows the client, what products or services are sold to a client, the client interaction and what conditions and what expectations a client has. We help our clients to build a Sales Culture and Sales Strategy in which  account management, service delivery and all client touch points are linked to each other and lead to a performing sales organisation.

Installing a CRM in your organization? Some thoughts:

  • Installing a CRM does not bring you Customer Centricity. But one does not go without the other.
  • There’s no good or bad CRM, poor use of CRM is a huge pitfall
  • A CRM should be user friendly
  • Choosing a  CRM is best done by your sales and servicing team together with specialist, 
  • Rolling it out is a companywide change!

Focus and key topics

Sales optimisation – Communication – Strategic account management – Product offering – Change management – Team cooperation – Data – Knowledge transfer – New way of working – Customer segmentation – Client centricity

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