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Our purpose: We bridge people, companies and ideas
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Trust and relations are key for successful business. Both take time to build, and contribute to sustainable performance. Creating the right connexions with the right approach between people and ideas is the force which drives us daily to surpass ourselves achieving our purpose. 

For us at Ernest Partners the purpose is our natural being. We are all former bankers who have experience on the other side of the table. Through Ernest Partners we’re putting this experience at your disposal. The linking pin between the partners is the way we value relationships when doing business, delivering durable work and assuring that outcome is better when working together. Discover our team 

Our partnership has been named after Sir Ernest Shackleton. This Irish Antarctic explorer led three British expeditions to the Antarctic. He was one of the principal figures of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Five learnings from his leadership are fitting the Ernest Partnership values:

Model and Inspire Optimism

Clarity around the purpose of our client, the team and all parties involved is the most important factor for success.


Develop a Clear, Shared Purpose

Everyone who joined the Antarctic Expedition understood the purpose. They were selected, in part, for their interest and excitement in that purpose. Clarity around purpose has been shown to be the most important factor to impact a team’s success

Build Unity and Commitment Within the Team

Shackleton valued hard-work and loyalty above all else. He made sure team members could come to him with concerns and had an “open-door policy” . At Ernest Partners we fully understand that to achieve top level performance the team’s well-being is top priority and all stakeholders are fine to share their vision and concerns

Create a Plan, an Alternate Plan, and Be Flexible

Shackletons’ story is clearly not a straight line to his goal. At Ernest Partners we build on a shared plan and adapt the plan to changing circumstances or new information. Be agile,  avoid getting emotionally attached to a particular plan. Discover new ways to reach your goal.

Make the Tough Decisions

Shackleton did not avoid tough decisions. Our opinion is that leadership is being able to take tough decisions and make them acceptable to people involved because of relationships and loyalty. Validating your decision by solid data and right arguments is key, but personal relationship and genuine style will make the team adopt a tough decision.

Learn more on Ernest Shackleton : Text from AMY CLIMER 

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