Ernest Partners

Your partner in capital advisory and customer excellence

“We are a trust bridge between your company and your stakeholders”

Our Purpose

We bridge people, companies and ideas

Our Business

We stand by your side being a bridge between your company and your stakeholders

Our Name


Inspired by Ernest Shackleton, Antartic explorer

Our Values


We approach every situation with an eye on the future


We challenge ourselves to reach solutions that will reach selected objectives and last through time


Trusting each others’ contributions

We achieve success by fostering cooperation and valuing opinions & ideas


Every situation is unique

We leverage past experience to develop innovative solutions, adapted to specific needs

Our Team

 “Each member has sat on both sides of the table”

Sebastien D’Hondt

Sebastien D’Hondt

“Bring strength and resilience to companies”

Nicolas van Klinkenberg

Nicolas van Klinkenberg
+ 32 473 96 00 18

“Let people and business flourish”

Luc Devroye

Luc Devroye
+ 32 471 37 53 00

“Ensure the companies a future and stronger sustainability”

Our Services

Capital Advisory

Commercial Excellence

They trust Ernest Partners



‘together with Besix commercial team we identified a commen number of key clients, who they are and what their needs are,  set up and rolled out a key account management programme, designing Sales Force requirement’

Sonaca (Industries)


‘supported Sonaca CFO and finance team in the negociation with their banks of  the amendment of the existing facilities and extension of a new 50 m facility, benefitting from Covid-19 Belgian State Guarantee scheme’

Inoopa (Data Technology)

‘advised and implementation support for Inoopa management on funding instruments through the crisis’

Retail Clothing

‘advising the management of the company on funding through the crisis and new capital structure and funding of ambitious plan’

Food Retail

‘advising the management of the company on funding through the crisis and stakeholders management’

Leading Restaurant Brand in Brussels

‘funding diversification to weather the crisis’

Ernest Partners | Insights

Why Ernest Partners ?

Why Ernest Partners ?

Ernest is a well-known name in Belgium, by the name of the founder of Solvay in 1863, one of our most respected Belgian industrial multinational companies. But our partnership has been named after another Ernest, Sir Ernest Shackleton. This Irish Antarctic explorer...

A brick increasingly difficult to digest

A brick increasingly difficult to digest

The Belgian has "a brick in his belly".  Who doesn't know this adage?  And it can be seen in the figures for the construction sector, which represents a little over 5% of the country's 2019 GDP.  This sector alone...

Mind the working capital gap!

Mind the working capital gap!

Looking at your working capital during the crisis? Imagine a business to business wholesale company. After celebrating a good year production and stocks are being built up for a strong spring season. All ready? Boom! Lock Down! Unprecedent in the Corona crisis was the...

How to improve customer experience after Covid19

How to improve customer experience after Covid19

Customer Experience in the new normal COVID19 has initiated a tremendous change in our daily habits and way we interact with each other, we shop, we do business. Not only the personal safety measures we take into account when interacting with each other, but also...

Job Offers

To help additional companies we are looking to increase and diversify our team. Do you feel like joining the adventure? Send us your CV and cover letter at

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